in Philosophy

I often I ask myself a simple question: What is that I live for? At first glance, the answer may seem simple, but the more I think about it the more denser it becomes. To answer such a question one requires the understanding of the meaning of life itself. To be able to find the answer has been the greatest quest of humanity. I do not claim myself to be one of those eccentrics that understands the meaning of life as it is, but I sure feel that I get glimpses of it from time to time. These glimpses strengthen my resolve to understand more about it and share my experiences with people I know. Lately, that list of people who can really understand my feelings or my state of mind is narrowing down. My motivation to understand life has driven me to a point where I find only a handful of people I can convey my thoughts to. Others seem to be incapable of understanding what and how I feel, as they are right now. It will take them long reflections on the nature of life and existence to even get the glimpse of my pains and my sufferings. Sometimes I ask myself whether it is possible to feel the pain and pleasure I feel at the same time. Will I ever make others realize my disappointments with the people around me who are living a lie. These people who have become pawns in the greater scheme of events, exploited to heart’s content by their exploiters without even giving them the slightest of hint. I sometimes ask myself if it were exploiters or the exploited that are at fault. Who is really responsible for this dark and gloomy reality where millions of people are suffering from war, death, poverty and disease? Is it the people sitting at the top of the human pyramid who have been preying like hungry wolves on the sheep which is the common men? Who is ultimately responsible for the state we are in. A world large enough to fulfill everyone’s need and yet people die from starvation every day. If this is the future we have been working to build from thousands of years, what good is knowledge and its quest? I may be too naïve to understand all this, but I feel that the rest of us are not even in the position to sincerely ask these questions to ourselves. We have been so much entrenched in the world of false ideas and ideals that we have become a slave of the system without even consciously agreeing to become one. I think that this is our biggest achievement. We have created a new breed of individuals that are actually happy being rigged and exploited. The breed that is convinced and content in being a pawn and reluctant in assuming a more powerful and influential role in our small and petty lives. In our meetings with our friends and family members we take pride in glorifying our slavery in front of our minors and inspire them to imitate the path of cowardice, reluctance and slavery. We are training our future generations to remain mentally ruled and colonized. Such are most unfortunate events for the majority of our species from the time we remember. Only in short periods of history have we experienced true revolutions where the balance of power had tilted towards the common man. These periods were short because their life came from the truly passionate leaders who constructed these revolutions with their passions, but as soon as they passed away, so did the passion that drove the revolution. Anything wonderful and worth admiring is the result of passionate people in this world. These passions may be for the good or bad of other people no matter, but they are passions nonetheless. I believe that it is this lack of passionate belief in something bigger than ourselves that has led us to the state we are in now. No matter of artificial remedies can get us out of this sorry state until and unless we take it upon ourselves to change our path to future. The path that will lead us to a future that is accommodating of all of us. If we could achieve this we can truly call ourselves a true civilization. Until then I am afraid we can only convince our hearts and minds to yearn and work for that future where everyone can live happily. A future that will be for everyone. Until that time comes, I believe we may not be in a position to answer the question: What is that we live for?

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