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Man has always striven for freedom, but it has received shackles in the form of illusory freedom. He has continuously been deceived and tamed by the resourceful. As a man who yearns true freedom and not its multifarious mirages, i feel suffocated breathing in the heavy air of false idols, my heart weeps watching blood on the hands of philanthropic saints, my consciousness craves to somehow become unconscious of the cruel reality. I demand to see justice or be completely absorbed by the oblivion. A state where i be in peace with nothingness. At Least then there would be nothing to be aware of. Man is a witness of his time. But he is no passive observer. He exists to observe the world unfold from various quantum possibilities and actively makes efforts to chose among those possibilities, ceasing to exist while doing the same. The process keeps on repeating itself without fail through future generations. In all his efforts throughout ages, with great grief, the freedom remains still to be found.

Unfortunately the real freedom has been monopolized by a few to force their worldview over the masses. They have become the uncanny masters of the human psycho-slaves for those who do not understand them completely; but to others who managed to retain command of their freedom of thought, are cognizant of their tyranny and much more terrorism. Man is continuously fed false ethics through their false Messiahs. The False Messiahs of Human Rights; Liberty, Individuality, liberalism, utilitarianism, ethical code of conduct, law and jurisprudence and every other domain of human life they can affect. The negative role of negative part of the Media which this writer merely thinks as submissive Mistress to the resourceful has exponentially aggravated these problems. The globalized world has globalized evil very cunningly by keeping it behind the veil of the New World Ethics. But this writer does not find any rational grounds for most of this ethical framework. It has failed its own harbinger which was used to justify its emergence, the scientific method of thought. The method that believes only in empirical relevance of a hypothesis. If theory can be aided by facts, then it has the right of Supremacy over all other theories. This writer believes in the validly of this method as any sane man would. But the disappointment surfaces when one finds the misuse of this method through tampered and partially revealed, partially concealed facts.

Homosexuality’s justification employing this method is the most absurd attempt to reconcile theory with facts. That reconciliation never existed and would never exist. America that boasts its advanced civilization and technical advancement has yet again demonstrated the lack of any concrete ground for their claim. On the contrary they have openly admired their barbaric intellectual and social capacities. They are now in peace with their concomitant demise. They just fail to perceive it due to the development of thick layers of rationality repellents in their mind. But this writer feels more grief in seeing the men of his culture being engulfed in this barbaric and stone age intellectualism. It appears that the same disease has taken root in the nation of proud people of the Vedas, the Qur’an, the Budhdha, The Mahavira, Guru Nanak. It makes this writer deeply sad that the nation that is often considered to be the cradle of civilizations has fallen prey to such thinking. This is a reminder of your great origins. Wake up from your deep slumber and become conscious of the dangers that even the existence of such thoughts possess, no less the laws that support them.

The proponents of homosexuality defend it on the grounds of individualism, freedom of thought and choice, its existence from time immemorial, existence of promiscuity, Human Rights, Liberty, etc. None of these reasons justifies its acceptance no less legality. Time and again throughout history it has been abundantly evident that human freedom of choice has not particularly reaped good fruits. It has been most often that the fruits so grown have been sour and poisonous. Wrong choices have entailed otherwise unnecessary wars, crimes, genocides, tyranny and terrorism. And the heart’s discontent most choices that men have are between the bad and the more bad. The good is almost always missing. What surety or rationality does thus the freedom of choice promise. Choice if given should only be between good and good, and neither between good and bad and bad and bad. But in the face of bad choices the only option that should be taken is not to make a choice at all. Then only can this chain of wrong choices can end. But to the advantage of the resourceful, it is easier to exploit human weaknesses. Easy money involves the introduction of wrong choices. Hence the support of the Media, Corporate Houses, Politicians, Celebrities to them.

The present day order fulfills its agenda in the name of human rights and the freedom of choice. But at the same time they fail to define that good and between them. Actually it would be wrong on my part to say that they fail to define. But it is more appropriate to say that they do not want to define the good and the bad. They say that man is rational by nature and he will choose what is best suited for his needs. Dr Javed Jamil shows the role of media in helping these forces in his book “The Devil of Economic Fundamentalism” as follows;

“To justify and perpetuate its style of functioning, the media has discovered the “freedom of expression” that has lately assumed notorious proportions. To traduce anybody, to malign religions and religious figures, to describe and exaggerate the most private areas of the life of any celebrity, to portray or publish anyone in the nude, to film the lewdest forms of sexual relations and to engage in disinformation for the furtherance of the desired objectives — all these have become great symbols of freedom of expression for them. Liberty has turned into liberating and license to express has resulted in licentiousness. Any attempt to censor or curb such vagrancy attracts virulent condemnation by the media all over the world. Those who advocate some control on expression are booed down as the enemies of freedom, civilization and development. To give further credence to its licentiousness, the media has used the “right to know” as an instrument to defend itself.”

The above excerpt shows that what the forces that control the present order say is the freedom of choice is actually the choice imparted by the media. Man has been so much captivated by its glamour that he stops caring whether the choice is good for him or not. He sees his favorite celebrity taking drugs in a movie and greatly influenced by him, he makes his choice of trying the drug. He then tries to enjoy it as his favorite celebrity in the movie did and in no time without even realizing it, he becomes addicted to it. Similarly homosexuality has been given the rights in the constitution of various countries. Dr. Jamil in his book “Muslims Most Civilized and Yet Not Enough” on homosexuality says;

“The attempt to legalize Homosexuality is nothing but the continuation of the same series of worldwide strategies of “development” in which every human susceptibility is first given a legal and social sanction, then it is glorified in the media as a victory of “Freedom of Choice” and “Human Rights” and then with all the obstacles removed it is commercialized at huge level.It is needless to say that the rise in the demand of legalizing homosexuality in the world has intensified with the rising fortunes of gay market. It is already a big market in western countries. The truth is that Sex market as a whole is the largest growing market, and gay market is the largest growing sex market.”

A report entitled, “Gay-Friendly Vancouver as a Billion Dollar Industry”, which appeared before 2010 Olympics, says:

“At present, Vancouver is hyping the 2010 Olympics above all. The pride of a city has turned into its most lucrative business. Now the tourism industry has found a new market, which has always existed but its potential as a distinct market was not realized: the “gay market,” According to, gay tourism in Vancouver has been a lucrative and loyal sector within recent years. Gay tourism in the U.S. alone is estimated to be $55 billion annually (Constanineau, 2007). A survey conducted by San Francisco-based Community Marketing Inc, ranked Vancouver as the fourth most popular gay destination outside of the U.S., ranking Montreal and Toronto fifth and sixth respectively, which shows how well Canada’s gay tourism industry is doing overall (Constanineau, 2007). Constanineau also says that tourism Vancouver uses media to draw in a lot of its gay market from U.S. locations such as New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. One of the possible reasons suggested for Vancouver’s gay tourism industry is due to the fact that BC legalized same-sex marriage in July of 2003.”

It is clear that the human rights that are being given to the homosexuals is part of the bigger plan of the economic forces to earn profits from human weaknesses. This institutionalization and commercialization of homosexuality has resulted in the increase in the trend of straight men trying homosexuality. This has resulted in the increase in the percentage of homosexuals which is only going to increase further in future. But these economic forces and the media at the same time do not expose man to the side effects of homosexuality, how it is the biggest source of aids and how it is ruining millions of life throughout the globe. Same is the case with the problem of smoking, alcohol, drugs, pornography, prostitution. A woman who sits back home and takes care of her children is today tagged as unemployed and unproductive and at the same time the prostitutes are being labeled as sex workers. All being the part of the greater plan of exploiting the human weaknesses to their benefits in the name of an egalitarian society.

Although the freedom of choice and human rights have helped the society in numerous ways but at the same time due to the lack of fundamental prohibitions in the working of the state there has been even greater misuse of these powerful tools.

Prohibitions in stark contrast with the Rights is a more fundamental phenomenon. One should only enjoy Rights when he has understood the importance of Prohibitions. A man is prohibited to kill other persons, keeping the fact in mind, that only then can he himself enjoy the freedom to live. But more than freedom to live, I believe freedom to life is a more important phenomenon. Only that has life, lives. Homosexuality is clearly devoid of that most fundamental right. All other rights come forth from the right of life. To strive to create progeny is the most essential principle of the existence of the living. If the living lose the purpose of creating life, civilization itself faces potential extinction. Some people may receive this point to be extreme, but a logical mind can only perceive similar ends.

Originally published at on September 20, 2016.

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