in Philosophy

What have we lost ? What have we gained ? What do we desire ? Who have we tamed ?

We have lost the human who was born with us. We have gained the evil that surrounds us and assumed it to be our basal nature. We desire to get more and more of what the world has in store for us. We have tamed ourselves to think in the way of the existent zeitgeist. Humanity has lost the way of the Christ.

Humanity is no mood of becoming who it is supposed to be: a community of widespread opulence. We have learnt to steal and remember not of giving. We dream of the wealthy and have pushed the dreams of the poor into obscurity. We know not of the morality that fits for all but we have tailored it to suit our guilty proclivities. We have fashioned ourselves to think for ‘me’ and despise thinking for ‘us’. Or shall I say that the system pushes this strong sense of individual self indulgence onto us. Despite the truth in this the wheel of personal ethics has always revolved in our hands constantly nudging us to take fair decisions. But our manufactured tendencies towards selfish indulgence obstructs us from developing the concept of individually social nature of our true self. I hope we find it soon in us before we vanish into ethical oblivion.

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