There was a time when I liked Aam Aadmi Party but I was not completely satisfied with their approach. But my perception of the party has changed recently. I have grown to be immensely fond of their ideology.  At the beginning of their existence as a political party AAP's approach on the matter of corruption was strong but not whole. It has recently developed to be whole as well. AK's stand against Mukesh Ambani and other dirty corporates has proven AAP's point that they stand firmly against corruption radically. Their stand against the politics and economics run by these dirty corporates for their own advantage will surely prove to be revolutionary for the country. I am sure that their allegations on RIL on the matters of gas policies will reduce the economic disparity in the country. But how will this happen?

Let us assume the figures of the gas tragedy simply. Reliance Industries buys gas at a price of 1.5$. It sells the gas in the market to the consumers at a price of 4$, which they are now trying to increase to 8$. Now the gas which should be ideally sold for 2$ will if the policy is devised be sold at 8$. A consumer who could save 6$ on the gas is now spending 6$ more to what should have ideally been spent. Now the Aam Aadmi has a deficit of 6$ which is going in the accounts of Reliance Industries. If the mentioned amount could have been saved it would have been used by the same consumer on different products which he is currently unable to acquire due to the above deficit. This would lead to the diffusion and regulation of money in other commodities. Now the same money which was being looted by RIL will be rotated in many different businesses and in general the level of economic disparity would decline on the economic charts.

But instead the high rise in the prices of gas and other overpriced commodities leads to inflation in the economy. High price of gas directly and indirectly causes the rise in prices of other commodities whose production are dependent over it. So the general consumer who is already paying a very high price on gas is consequently bound to pay still higher prices on the commodities that are dependent over gas for their production. This further raises the revenue deficit for Aam Aadmi. Amidst all this there is already the problem of low standard of living due to low income and low wages. Common man's pay remains the same while his expenses far exceeds his extremely limited wallet. In short we now lay prey to DEMOCRATIC ARISTOCRACY where the aristocrats are the dirty corporates. If gas policy and other similar policies are amended for the benefit of the common man we will surely be able to raise the general standard of living of the country as a whole. Common man will be able to avail much more services for his existing wage or income.

If AK and AAP remain intact and firm with their revised ideology, then they can certainly make a huge difference.