Can you imagine the feeling of drowning in the midst of a deep ocean when you know not how to swim and there is absolute oblivion you feel in your last breaths, i feel that helplessness right now.

Can you imagine yourself trapped in closed room burning in fire with no escape; Your house in the outskirts of the city where there are rarely any houses close by, no hope for help, i feel that hopelessness right now.

Can you imagine the feeling of a fly trapped in a spiderweb, experiencing intense agitation before becoming the spider's dinner. I feel that anxiety right now.

Can you imagine the heartbeat of a deer chased by a hungry lion, intense fear dictating its thoughts at the moment when the lion's jaws dig into its neck, life flowing out with the blood. I feel that fear right now.

This is the helplessness, hopelessness, anxiety and fear i feel today in the secular, independent India; the India where being Muslim becomes the reason for being hanged.