The contemporary Indian Political scenario is proving to be really bad for Rahul Gandhi's political career. It is however not poor Mr. Gandhi who needs to be blamed for this. But his time for taking charge of Congress has not suited him at all. He assumed charge of the party when it was in dark and surrounded by all the scandals that the party had committed. But we fail to recognize that these scandals were in no way on account of young Mr. Gandhi. His time for taking command of the party unfortunately matched with the party's downfall for which in noway he is responsible. But Mr. Gandhi came with a new structure planned for the party and the nation which we fail to realize. This is because we are so much involved in seeing Rahul through the damaged lens of the congress lead UPA government that we fail to contemplate his ideology. Amidst all this, media who should have played the role of realizing this have completely failed to even perceive the simple truth. They seem to be driven by the anti congress zeal themselves. Then should we recognize succh a weak media as a valid testimony for shaping our views on the contemporary Indian Political scenario. Should we rather than celebrate but criticize journalists like Arnab Gosawami who in his exclusive interview of Mr. Gandhi seemed to be deliberately avoiding to question on his ideology and instead asking questions that were of least importance. But we do not do so because we take the reality at the face of it without even trying to realize that there maybe a different side of the reality that would be truer and more compelling. We are not interested to strain are minds to rationally think but we are manipulated by the false truth that we are being deliberated induced with.